The Unchosen Story of Cowboy II


The final track on Scratch the Surface is called Cowboy II

The song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, en-route¬†to the Jack Daniels Distillery…. How awesome is that ?!

The first Cowboy tune was recorded in 2000 and featured on our Once The Thunder Comes EP. This EP was ahead of its time and when placed in your PC  displayed our live Cowboy video recorded at Bananas in Surrey. That video is available below for your pleasure.

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New Album Preview – Scratch The Surface

New Album Preview

2012 sees the release of The Unchosen’s second studio album “Scratch The Surface”

Here you will find a 3 track sample

Please use all the features of the sound cloud plugin to comment and share the track on facebook or twitter

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The Unchosen in Tennessee


In May 2009 The Unchosen embarked on an epic road trip across the state of Tennessee. The reason for this trip to fulfil a pact made on a drunken night out at the age of 18… by 30 we will have paid homage and visited The Jack Daniel’s Distillery

After a bit of planning we scrambled together a plan that would ultimately lead to quite possibly one of the greatest road trips ever

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Mjolnir – An Unchosen Tribute to Halo


Having been dedicated fans of the first two games in the Halo trilogy, we wanted to salute ‘Halo’ in the way we best knew, – through our music…

We explore beneath the cold, hard armour of the Master Chief to show that he is not the immortal ‘Demon’ as accused by the misguided Covenant but that he is ultimately a mortal man with a terrible burden. His only ally through this is the glowing image of the A.I. ‘Cortana’ – his guardian angel, his shield, his sword… We aimed to create music to capture the adrenaline and the thrill inspired by the game in roaring guitar riffs and thundering rhythms, as a backdrop to the story of the creation of Spartan 117, his angel, and his mission. The result we proudly present is powerful, heavy and motivating, much like the game so we name it… MJOLNIR

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